Release Notes


  • Migration from HMM-based BrdU detection at every thymidine to ResNet-based detection at every thymidine,
  • Significant increases to BrdU detection accuracy,
  • Support for BrdU detection on GPUs,
  • DNAscent forkSense to call replication origins and termination sites in both synchronously and asynchronously replicating cells at any point in S-phase,
  • DNAscent align to align nanopore signals to reference,
  • Significant increases to replication origin calling accuracy and sensitivity,
  • Visualisation utility for plotting output of multiple DNAscent executables as bedgraphs,
  • Released with Boemo, MA. DNAscent v2: Detecting Replication Forks in Nanopore Sequencing Data with Deep Learning. bioRxiv 2020.


  • HMM-based BrdU detection at every thymidine,
  • Improvements to BrdU detection accuracy,
  • DNAscent train to train Guassian mixture models from nanopolish eventalign.